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Engage men, their hearts, and God
re|design contains three modules on how to use Experience, Story and Blessing as tools to foster brotherhood. Each module is a previously recorded 45 minute teaching from a 3 week series by Restoration Project for Lake Vally Community Church in Hot Springs, Arkansas. 

re|design provides a versatile framework that facilitates the creation of a wide range of spaces that can vary in length, purpose, and depth of relationship among the men attending. By the end of the course you'll have practical tools to deepen relationships with the men in your life. 
Connect through something stronger than information
Pursue and enter the profound stories of 
our life
Offer and receive words that speak the deepest truth of who you are
re|design Blueprint
Use this resource to create your own men's experience that is tailored to your unique situation. The Blueprint guides you through using re|design principles to create a space that engages men.
Learn more about re|design
Restoration Project was co-founded by Chris Bruno & Greg Daley. Hear both of them speak about the need for brotherhood and the role re|design can play in its pursuit. 
"re|design is an immeasurably valuable resource that we will use for years to come."
Nate Hall
Student Pastor at  Lake Valley Community Church, Hot Springs, Arkansas
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